China’s First Taxable U.S. Debt Rating Impact

Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa said the debt rating lowered the United States (U.S.) by a debt ratings agency S&P then the Chinese who first receive the impact.

“I think if America had problems, so the first hit is China,” said Hatta encountered when a visit to PT Pinad, London, Sunday (07/08/2011).

According to Hatta, although the U.S. was forced to cut spending to cover the debt, but trade with Indonesia will not be reduced. Because Indonesia has a U.S. primary needs.

“Therefore, we benefited from a commodity to something that is difficult there is substituted (replaced),” Hatta said.

Hatta also said do not worry about spending cuts will affect the balance of U.S. exports, because the current gap between imports and exports of Indonesia continued repetition of decline, though still a surplus.

“So far we export a lot bigger and I see ekport we will continue to rise,” Hatta said.

He further said, because the U.S. is not ketidakkhawatirnya Indonesia’s main export destinations. “Because of our exports is rather balanced, Europe, America, China, Asia,” Hatta said.

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